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Revit Space Management

A complete space management solution based on Revit models

Through a Revit plugin, all data is collected and, after validation, synchronized to a database with room data. In addition to the room information, the corresponding geometry is also exported. It is then possible to view 2D floor plans of a building and floor via the portal - where the space management itself takes place. Furthermore, all rooms and master tables with the corresponding properties can be viewed and modified on the portal. In this way, companies and organisations can easily gain insight into their space book.

  • Customizable interface showing all collected spaces of the model. Non-valid spaces are marked with a colour depending on the type of deviation

  • Instantly view, change and delete rooms from the plugin

  • Ability to load room data from the portal into the Revit model

  • Collection and dumping of assets/objects to Meridian

  • Dashboard that provides visual insight into your room data

  • View and manage room data and master tables

  • Role and rights structure

  • Possibility to export the room data to an Excel file

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