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All your building and asset information in a single place

Mosaic is a software solution that gives companies insight and control over their building and asset information.

Unfortunately, nothing is done with a lot of data that contains valuable information. For this reason, Mosaic was created. The various Mosaic software modules connect data sources and make analyses on which something can be done in a targeted way.

Mosaic integrates with existing document, asset and building management systems and ensures that the boundary between these systems disappears. The software is, as the name suggests, modular and contains different tiles (modules), each of which has its own functionality.


How Mosaic helps your business

Quality control
Single system for asset management
No specific knowledge required
  • Mosaic shortens the time needed to look up information

  • Reduces time spent learning/training by new or inexperienced users

  • Ensures that all information is accurate

  • Gives companies insight by combining data sources

  • Ensures that the company is compliant

The components of Mosaic

Document Management System

Manage all your building-related documentation in a web-based environment.  Create insight within your organization and easily collaborate with third parties.
More info

Revit Space Management

A complete space management solution using Revit models. Manage your space data in Revit from a web-based environment. More info

Quality Management

Supports the assurance of continuous quality improvement within your organization by validating drawings based on the drawing agreements in your CAD manual, among other things.


A web-based environment where all building management information comes together in one solution The BIM platform can interface with different software packages, bringing together all available information of the selected space. 
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Smart Drawing Interface

The Mosaic Smart Drawing interface is the smart tool that converts 2D drawings to a web-based viewer.

API strategy

Mosaic enables you to link different data sources within your organization to create a single point of truth. Mosaic supports the following systems as standard and can also be linked to other systems used by your company through our flexible service hub:



Mosaic levels.png


Mosaic can run within your organization on your own systems or we can offer a total solution hosted on Eyeonim's servers. We then take care of the updates, disk space, backup and general maintenance.


We are continuously working on the further development of Mosaic. Below you will find the current roadmap. The roadmap is intended to outline the general direction of our product, is to be used for informational purposes only and is not an obligation to use any material, code or provide functionality.

Roadmap Website.png
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