Making data work for you

Unfortunately, a lot of data that contains valuable information is left untouched. For this reason, Mosaic was created. The various Mosaic software modules link data sources to each other and make analyzes on which specific action can be taken.


Mosaic integrates with Meridian and FMIS systems and ensures that the boundary between these two systems disappears. The software is, as the name suggests, modular and contains various tiles (modules), each with their own functionality. Mosaic currently consists of six modules. The platform also supports the development of new modules with new functionality.



  • Quality assurance (reducing future costs due to failure)

  • Compliancy

  • Increase safety of key processes

  • Easily retrieve and analyze data

  • Predictive maintenance based on alalyses

  • Various options for distributing data


Be compliant, ensure safety within

processes and save time and costs

Solutions overview

Logo_data analysis and visualization.png

A complete web-based environment that allows us to make document archives transparent to administrators and users.


Supports the assurance of continuous quality improvement within your organization by validating drawings based on i.a. the drawing agreements in your CAD manual.

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A complementary solution with which an inventory of the quality of a drawing package can be made very quickly and easily.

Modules overview

Forms the backbone of all Mosaic modules.

Logo_autocad reference manager.png

Used for the initial import of documents, the issue management and archiving of a drawing. References in drawings are automatically checked and (if possible) even repaired.

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Provides insight into which documents are missing from your various technical files, so that you are able to meet all request for information regarding the use, management and maintenance of buildings, installations or production equipment.