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A web-based environment in which all information for building management comes together, in one solution

The BIM platform can interface with various software packages, including Meridian and Maximo, to bring together all available information from the selected space. In addition, the platform can provide an overview of where specific rooms in the building are located.

The BIM platform is ideal for visualizing room data at building or campus level. For a detailed overview at floor level, there is a link to our Space Management solution.

Transition from 2D to 3D
The information architecture is changing

Technological changes and innovations can help improve your business. Currently, more and more organizations are making the transition from 2D to 3D.  This not only changes the nature and structure of the data, but also the processes around it.
The latest software makes it possible to search and find 'visual' installation parts in a building.  Designed buildings and installations can be tested for function using virtual and augmented reality.  It is the developments of the coming years that are rapidly coming within everyone's reach.  Eyeonim has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the transition.

BIG Data Management
A view on what we see, but don't know
Internet of Things

Another innovation that has recently attracted a lot of attention is the Internet of Things. The closed control systems as they are now applied are becoming more 'open' and functional by adding system-independent sensors.

BIG Data

Through IoT the 'old' asset information can be supplemented with new real-time system information. By linking other available databases to it, a BIG database can be created. With this we are able to generate maximum value for all stakeholders.
Based on all the information collected, analyses can be carried out that answer questions that we did not know we could ask. This often gives a very surprising new perspective on daily reality.

In this way Eyeonim helps you gain overview, insight and control!

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