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Document Management

A complete and up-to-date file with information for managing and maintaining buildings, installations and  production equipment.

Unfortunately, all too often we see that collecting the data needed to optimally manage and maintain buildings, building-related installations and means of production does not turn out to be easy, and sometimes even fails at all. If collection does succeed, keeping it up to date is often a challenge. As a result of this challenge, a lot of time and production is lost and, indirectly, money is lost as well. People often fail to comply with laws and regulations, with all the consequences this entails in the event of an incident or calamity.

Quality assurance
Increasing safety
of key processes
Data analysis
Data conversion
Data distribution

Our Document Management solution ensures that you have a high-quality and complete information file of your buildings, building-related installations and production equipment. The file needs to optimally support the existing management and maintenance process.

Robust and easy to use

The Mosaic DMS is a light weight, web based document management system and developed with the everyday user in mind. Its simple and intuitive interface allows all employees in your organization to use it right away!

Full AutoCAD support

Mosaic DMS supports all versions of Autodesk AutoCAD and includes tools for CAD drafters to manage references, read stamps and check drawings against your CAD manual!

Cloud hosted and secure

Mosaic DMS is offered as a cloud hosted, software-as-a-service solution. Mosaic is quick to deploy within your organization and you do not need to set up any servers yourself. Maintenance and backup is included in your license. The system uses Microsoft Azure for user management. Your employees can log in directly with your Office 365 accounts and enjoy the same security!

Workflows en dashboards

Mosaic uses a simple workflow so that your documents are managed in a controlled way. Through a dashboard you can see exactly which drawings are edited, by whom this is done and when they are returned. Before a new revision is ready, it can be approved.


The Mosaic DMS has several features that make it easy for your users to work with your documents:

  • Automatic name generation for documents

  • Storage, management and modification of metadata (location and classification)

  • Revision management

  • Reference management

  • Template management

  • Automatic PDF generation of AutoCAD documents

  • Browser-based viewing and printing of AutoCAD documents

  • Simple "check-out check-in workflow" for revision management

  • Roles and rights management for users


The Mosaic DMS is under continuous development. Our product roadmap can be found at

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