Document Management

A complete and up-to-date file with information for managing and maintaining buildings, installations and  production equipment.

Unfortunately, all too often we see that collecting the data needed to optimally manage and maintain buildings, building-related installations and means of production does not turn out to be easy, and sometimes even fails at all. If collection does succeed, keeping it up to date is often a challenge. As a result of this challenge, a lot of time and production is lost and, indirectly, money is lost as well. People often fail to comply with laws and regulations, with all the consequences this entails in the event of an incident or calamity.

Quality assurance
Increasing safety
of key processes
Data analysis
Data conversion
Data distribution

Our Document Management solution ensures that you have a high-quality and complete information file of your buildings, building-related installations and production equipment. The file needs to optimally support the existing management and maintenance process.


Our Mosaic software package works hand in hand with Meridian and further expands its functionality (in response to customer requests). An example of this is the Mosaic Drawing Validator. It validates the drawings in Meridian based on i.a. the drawing agreements in your CAD manual and then provides a detailed report showing what is still lacking. Learn more..