A high quality and complete information file

Software development

A complete and up-to-date file with information for managing and maintaining buildings, installations and means of production.

We develop smart software solutions to support our customers with their issues.

In addition, we develop our own Mosaic software.

2D to 3D transition

Integrate your 2D information sources with existing and future 3D information structures.

Unlock your relevant BIM data to the stakeholders within your organisation.

BIM Data Management

Collecting, analyzing and combining IoT data with other available information in the organization.

From this big data, insights can be obtained that were not thought possible until now.

Our core activities

Asset Lifecycle Information Management


One of our starting points is that as a company and consultant you have to do what you like and what you are good at. In practice, one often has to do with the other.

The world computerizes at lightning speed. The world of building and installation management is in the middle of a transition from 2D to 3D information structures.

The 3D information structures are often the result of a BIM process. The 2D documents originate from the regular business processes and will continue to exist for a long time to come. The trick is to integrate both structures and processes with each other.

Such integration cannot be achieved from one day to the next, but requires a sophisticated strategy. However, it is important to start now with the first small steps, so that you will be ready in time, for example in five years' time. Ready to use the system, tools and facilities available at that time.


Unfortunately, all too often we see that collecting the data needed to optimally manage and maintain buildings, building-related installations and means of production does not turn out to be easy, and sometimes even fails at all. If collection does succeed, keeping it up to date is often a challenge.

As a result of this challenge, a lot of time and production is lost and thus indirectly money. Often people do not comply with laws and regulations. With all its consequences, if an incident or calamity occurs.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you, as our customer, have a high-quality and complete information file of your buildings, building-related installations and production equipment. The file should support the existing management and maintenance process optimally.



Eyeonim is a partner of Accruent, a global provider of software and services that support organizations in managing the lifecycle of their physical resources. More than 10,000 customers in more than 150 countries rely on Accruent to cut costs, extend asset lifecycles, ensure compliance and achieve their business goals. As a partner, we are also part of a global network that exchanges knowledge and expertise.

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Phact is a partner for custom software, integration issues and Internet of Things applications. They offer innovative solutions that make companies more efficient and agile, allowing customers to develop as quickly as the business demands. An example of our collaboration with Phact is the linking of our BIM platform with SureSense, a platform that offers all the building blocks for typical Internet of Things applications, but with options for customisation and customer-specific requirements.


Vector Eyes offers turnkey document management solutions for a wide range of clients active in various sectors, including the oil and gas sector, business service providers and governments. Eyeonim collaborates with Vector Eyes on a number of large projects, including a joint helpdesk. Customers can come here with all their questions and wishes.

Our team

Wim Luijpers

Chief Executive Officer


John Mestrom

Business Development


Olaf Nilssen

Senior Consultant


Robin Clabbers

Chief Financial Officer


Bryan van Berlo




Willem Toonen

Software Engineer


Ronald Wetzels

Chief Technical Officer


Luuk Janssen

Junior Software Engineer


Jorrit Aarts

Junior Software Engineer



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