Graduation internship: development of a 3D web viewer for BIM models

Are you currently studying ICT, Software Engineering, or something similar? And are you looking for a fun and challenging graduation internship within a young, dynamic and growing company? Then this assignment at Eyeonim might be something for you!


As an Asset Lifecycle Information Management consultant Eyeonim is involved in the complete lifecycle of buildings and building-related installations. In a time where 3D building models are getting better and better (especially better structured), our clients are getting more and more attention for the value of the information in these models.

However, it is virtually impossible for clients to simply gain insight into the information contained in the 3D building model. This has the following causes:

  • There is no knowledge of 3D modelling.

  • They do not have the right software.

  • They do not have employees who have sufficient knowledge of data export and import.

The assignment

The assignment consists of developing a web interface that overcomes all of the above problems:

  • Models must be able to be tested on structure.

  • The viewer must work on the basis of the market standard for creating 3D building models (Revit) or on the basis of open format (IFC).

  • The viewer must be able to present data from the model to the user in a simple way and, where possible, save it in one of the standard export formats (Excel or PDF).

There are also a number of products in the market that we want to deploy within this assignment:

  • 3DRepo (IFC)

  • XBIM (IFC)

  • Theiga for BIM (Revit)

Part of this graduation internship is to investigate which of the three products offers the best opportunities, both for now and for the future.

Your role

  • You develop a smart software solution that supports the customer in his problems.

  • You have regular contact with the customer. Your work will sometimes take place on location.

  • You have influence on certain processes within the project.

  • You contribute to a piece of the future for the company. This assignment supports one of the steps in our roadmap.

What we expect from you

  • You are an enthusiastic, driven, social and ambitious person.

  • You are serious, but also have a healthy dose of humour.

  • You have a level of higher professional education and are in the final phase of your studies.

What you can expect from us

  • In the first place a nice workplace with a nice team, where you can be yourself

  • An internship allowance in line with the market

  • Participation in ancillary activities

  • You can use our Formula 1 playseat!

  • And most importantly: the chance to get a job after graduation

About Eyeonim

Eyeonim is an IT service provider and was founded in 2016 by three consultants who together have more than 50 years of experience in their field. As an organization, we want to identify and solve our customer's challenges of today, but especially those of the future.


We specialize in solving information management issues related to the management and maintenance of buildings, building-related installations, production resources and engineering projects.



The goal for the next five years is to focus on making organisations 'data driven'. To achieve this, organisations need to have all the necessary information at their disposal (of high quality), so that they can carry out their core process successfully.

3D web viewer for BIM-models

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