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Eyeonim is specialized in solving information management issues related to the management and maintenance of buildings, building-related installations, production resources and engineering projects. In addition, we help you to place the maze of software and business modules in a specific architecture, and to connect the mutual components with each other.


Document Management Systems

Our Document Management solution ensures that you have a high quality and complete information file of your buildings, building-related installations and production equipment. Learn more..

Asset Lifecycle Information Management

Our ALIM solution gives you the tools to manage technical information throughout the life cycle of a building or production asset. Learn more..

Building Information Management​

Our BIM platform is ideal for visualizing space data at the building or campus level. We bring all your historical and current space data together so you have a complete overview at any time. Learn more..

Space Management

Our Space Management solution collects all the information from your Revit models and brings it together with your space management data. This gives you a simple way to gain insight into your space book. Learn more..

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